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Christian Dating Advice

Lets say you've just signed up to Easy Christian Dating and you're excited to get started...

But now what?

Here are a few tips and some general online Christian dating advice that will help you put your best foot forward.


The last thing you want to do on any Christian themed dating site is try to fool anyone by being dishonest. It's simply a losing game. When you begin filling out your profile always remember what you would like to find in a potential partner's profile. Hopefully you'd like to read an open and honest portrait of the person that paints them in their natural light.

Age and kids seem to be an area on profiles that some people choose to fib about... Why? The truth will come out eventually anyways and by being up front on all counts will put you in contact with Christian singles that really are looking for YOU.

The thing to remember is: Online dating is growing at an exponential rate! There are millions upon millions of Christian singles out there online. Plenty of special people who are in the same situation as you. Importantly these similarities can be part of what brings you together.

Post Photos (Fun and Interesting Ones!)

Of course you don't HAVE to post photos, but they certainly go a long way in bringing more people to your profile and can generate many more connections. People just want to be able to picture who they're communicating with.

Photo Tips

1. When it comes to your main profile photo a head shot is best. A simple, nice picture that hopefully captures part of who you are.

2. But don't stop there! Post more fun and interesting photos within your profile. Photos can show you doing the things you love and can really give people an idea of who you are, what are your passions and interests and more.

3. If you're a woman it's probably wise to keep the revealing photos to a minimum. You will inadvertently give some men the wrong impression.

4. The photos should be focused only on you. No need to bring family or friends into it. They probably didn't ask to be posted in front of thousands of people. However, after you've made a connection with someone then you can send them photos of your family and friends through email.

Be Interesting and Specific

When you're talking about your likes and dislikes, be specific! Avoid generalizations. It's not that exciting for people to read about how you "love to travel"...

Instead, why not try relating a funny mini story from your last trip.

"One of my favorite countries is Italy. Last year I accidentally took the wrong train out of Milan and ended up in this little fishing village on the coast. Turned out to be the best mistake of my life! I was able to get away from all the touristy stuff and really get a feel for Italian living, which was great! All because I couldn't speak Italian and got on the wrong train lol"

Be the enemy of cliche!

Society makes fun of the whole "I love walks on the beach..." thing for a reason.

Ask Questions In Your Profile

This is a nice little way to encourage a connection. Try sprinkling your profile with questions. If you included the above "travel story" for example why not include at the end: "Do you have any fun travel stories? What's your favorite country you've visited?"

This allows people an easy way to open a conversation with you down the line!

Show Your Faith

This last little piece of Christian dating advice is important. You're on a Christian dating site for a reason.

Because you want to find someone who shares your same spiritual passion. It should be an area you and your partner bond over. So in your profile talk about your faith and what it means to you. And remembering the earlier tip: Be specific.

Talk about your favorite passages in the bible or what your connection to God means to you etc...

This can be another excellent way for other Christian singles to open up conversations with you.

Respond To Every Message

You want to be courteous. So even if you are contacted by somebody who you don't think is a match then simply respond with a set message that will let them down easy.

"Thank you for the message. I don't think we're quite the right match but thank you. God bless."

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